What We Do

BEC is mandated under section 5 of the Botswana Examinations Council Act (Act No 11 of 2002) as amended by the Botswana Examinations Amendment Act, 2019 to manage, conduct examinations and assessments in general education and technical, vocational education and training and to award certificates in respect of the said examinations and assessments.


To be a provider of accessible and globally competitive qualifications


To provide a credible and responsive assessment and examination system.

Mission Commentary

Credible: Trustworthy and Error free assessments and examinations that conforms to both the local and international standards. 
Responsive: Examination and Assessment system that is affiliated to the national curriculum, takes into cognisance candidates with special needs and is not detached from current issues in the environment, also relevant to the local market.

The specific functions and responsibilities of BEC are as follows

To advise the Ministry of Education and Skills Development on assessment issues

To provide examination procedures for all aspects of examinations;

To provide appropriate assessment programmes and examination tools;

To manage and administer the examination and certification process in general education;

To provide regulatory mechanisms for examinations in general

To award qualifications in general education

To accredit all examination centres including schools

To maintain competitive standards in examinations

To ensure the maintenance of internationally competitive performance standards.

Core Values

Excellence : We have passion for quality work and outstanding performance characterised by the use of innovative and creative solutions. 

Integrity : We uphold best practice standards, honesty, professionalism and ethical behaviour.

Transparency : We are open in all matters of public interest while safeguarding confidential information.

People Focus : Our people; employees, the community we serve and nation at large is profoundly important to us. We are thus committed to cultivating a culture that is characterised by mutual respect, professionalism, courtesy, compassion and sharing to build lasting and rewarding relationships.