BGCSE Administration

BGCSE qualification is designed for candidates who have completed 2 years of senior secondary school or its equivalent. The qualification has no age limit. The programme makes a provision for both private and school based candidates. The qualification offers a wide range of syllabuses including written, oral, coursework and practical assessments. 

In some syllabuses there is a choice for core and extended or alternative to practical, making it suitable for any mode of learning to cater for a wide range of abilities. Registration to sit for this qualification is open from February until end of May. Registration is charged a fee that is reviewed from time to time. 

The BGCSE examination is scheduled once a year from October to November and the results are released end of February to beginning of March. 

There is a service for Enquiries about Results which follows after results are issued out to enable candidates to enquire about their results. The service takes six weeks from the date of release of results. The service is in four parts which are; 

(i) No Results (X-Enquiries) 
The service checks why a particular syllabus was not graded and there is no fee charged. 

(ii) Clerical Check 
This service checks that all parts of the scripts were marked and marks were tallied correctly. A fee determined by BEC is charged for this service. 

(iii) Review of Marking 
This service involves review of the original marking to check that the agreed mark scheme was applied correctly. A fee determined by BEC is charged for this service. 

(iv) Review of Moderation of Centre coursework with report 
This involves a review of Centre’s coursework for a component. A fee determined by BEC is charged for this service. Regulatory documents and other related information for the qualification are provided on this website and can be accessed at any time.